Protect Yourself and Your Family with a Patriot Power Generator

We live in uncertain times. We already know that the power grid can easily be disrupted, by terrorist groups and others determined on destroying our way of life. There are resources available, to those who want to be prepared, for power outages, civil unrest, and natural disasters. Many homeowners already have backup generators for such emergencies. But, typical generators rely on a fuel source, such as gas.

In the event of an emergency or disruption of a civilized society, fuel sources would be limited, making the typical home backup generator useless. The best solution is a Patriot Power Generator. This machine doesn't require a fuel source or electricity. It doesn't use gasoline like many portable generators on the market, so there is no worry about noxious fumes or loud noises, which could draw attention of the wrong groups of people.

This generator runs on a folding solar panel, which is easy to move and can be placed discretely on the roof or another good location to capture solar rays. portability is important in situations involving natural disasters or civil unrest. This generator can easily be packed in the trunk of a car or taken in an Rv. It can even be used in remote camping situations.

While portability is critical, having enough power to operate the essentials is also important. The solar generator can power appliances, heaters, mobile devices, lights, and small refrigerators or freezers. This makes it a valuable tool for staying healthy, by allowing users to have heat, fans, and plenty of food at every meal. Seniors and young children may be particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures and lack of adequate food intake. Keeping them healthy in an emergency of any kind doesn't have to be a monumental task. Keeping food fresh, providing a heat source, and having a way to stay cool can go a long way in maintaining health.

With a small or portable refrigerator, food staples and medications can be kept at optimal temperatures. This type of appliance and other small appliances can be packed, if a family or individual should need to relocate or leave home, for any reason. The 100 watt solar panel can easily power several devices. It has 2 AC outlets, 4 USB outlets for mobile devices, a 12 volt outlet that can be used with a cigarette lighter adapter, and an Anderson 12 volt outlet, for ham radios. Check out the Patriot Power Generator and find out why this device is a less costly and more efficient power source, yo use in any type of emergency affecting the power grid.

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